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Berkeley Shirts

Smart Casual

With Berkeley we’re redefining the concept of the white shirt, and bridging the gap between business and casual. Simply, making shirts that goes just as well with a suit as with a pair of jeans. We’re doing so with honesty and craftsmanship as guiding principles. We produce fewer and better shirts.

MMV Bags

Exclusive Bags
& Accessories

MMV Bags features three lines of bags and accessories; Commuter, Luton and our most exclusive, Varese.

The Commuter Line is made from high quality water resistant PU. The Luton features durable Stromboli leather pieces. Varese is our most exclusive collection and is hand-made in Italy in close collaboration with our supplier.

On Running

Put fun
into run

On was born in the Swiss alps with one goal: to revolutionize the sensation of running. It’s all based on one radical idea. Soft landings followed by explosive take-offs. Or, as we call it, running on clouds.

From small beginnings in Zürich, Switzerland, On set out in 2010 with a big ambition: to change the world of running. In the eight years since, On has been embraced into the hearts, and onto the feet, of more than 3 million runners in over 50 countries. And there’s no sign of slowing down…

Marker / Völkl / Dalbello

Together we are
one spirit

MDV Sports is the alliance of three major ski sport brands: Marker, Dalbello and Völkl. Individually, they are among the most influential and successful athletic brands worldwide. Together, they develop, produce and distribute innovative and essential winter hardware products. Thanks to this very close cooperation, synergies emerge and develop that positively influence the growth and market positions of all three brands. What is our goal for the future? We will develop the absolute best performing products, and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Berkeley Company

Promotion Collection

Our new take on time-honoured traditions continue in today’s Gentle Man. This connoisseur is the inspiration behind the Berkeley brand and to everything we do. You see it in the classic, high quality craftsmanship and in our meticulous attention to every detail.


The Art of

Giuseppe Garubio was only 17 when he started the working shoe company Fabbrica Scarpe Montello. In the 1920’s, the increasing interest in alpine sports resulted in a good source of income for Giuseppe as he produced his unique mountain boots. Today Dolomite offers a wide range of products to everyone who enjoys outdoor activities, from highly functional sports shoes to boots for both skiing and climbing to sweaters and jackets.


Authentic outdoor

Founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Powderhorn was largely inspired by the dramatic Teton mountain range. Widely known as one of the most rugged and authentic areas for skiers and mountaineers, the ski slopes of Jackson served as the perfect testing grounds for study and reliable gear. As pictured on the clothing tag to the left, the first logo was a direct reflection of this, rendered closely after the mountains jagged profile.

The Company

Our Mission

For more then thirty years we have been distributing international brands in the Nordic market, premium brands that are on the very top in their respective areas. With a strong focus on building our brands long-term, we have become one of the leading players in the market. Based on strong financials, solid marketing knowledge, our own logistic operations and a dedicated sales team our goal is to offer a very competitive platform for international brands and at the same time be a reliable and professional supplier to our customer.

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